“Marina graciously waits for the real you to unfurl before her lens, as conversation and laughter easily draw you out. She’s excellent at getting an authentic capture on so many levels. Her subjects are alive, even in the stillness of the frame.”

– Johanna Reynolds, Painter

"Marina Dempster has documented my ceramic sculptures since 2009. With great sensitivity to the three-dimensionality and surface quality of my pieces, she has consistently delivered photographs of the highest quality." – Kathy Kranias

"Marina’s photographs capture both the intimacy of how I work and the emotions I try to express in my paintings. Being able to present myself (online or in a gallery context) through these images makes me feel the viewer will get a real sense of who I am, even before we’ve met. I can’t wait until our next shoot together." – Tanya Fenkell

"Thank you for seeing me.  I had a vision and you made it a reality!" - Mona Bayati

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