PIANO PIANO – Colborne Street – TORONTO

Have you ever met the magical Nikki Leigh McKean? All in one beautiful human lives a Restauranteur, Commercial Photographer, Creative Mindset Coach, Visionary, Lover of...
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BELOVE Unlimited

This experimental and playful collaboration born out of creative escapes to Lake Erie, has been a reminder to take time for art play and nature...
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Past Collaborations

In Visible

My most recent exhibition, 'In Visible' at The Art Gallery of Burlington (a pairing with artist Meera Seethi) opened, and then promptly closed making it...
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A scarf can be many powerful things — an object of protection or ritual, a signalling device, an expression of beauty, a statement of purpose...
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Small Victories

Using wool blanket remnants, embroidery thread, roving and found object embellishments, the Lyceum students created a victory quilt installation. Each square represents a humble beginning...
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