Dear Friends // Near Enemies

A cushion can provide comfort for deep rest and joyful intimacy, or it can be a throw-away object with purely decorative function. This installation of tufted cushions uses language in an irreverent and playful way to explore the dualities inherent in our conditioning. The language we use to speak to ourselves, and each other, creates our realities. When we choose the words we use more consciously, can we alter our way of seeing and experiencing the world?

We are often our own worst enemies. The words on the cushions, upon further inspection, expose our blind spots and tricky self-betrayals, the unconscious beliefs that may be the source of our suffering and projections. Other words may contain the antidote to our aversions and entanglements. The answers are within.

By meeting our shadow selves in kindness, we may just find the comfort we seek.

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